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The Israeli Society for HealthTech (ISoH-Tech) is advancing the integration of innovation and healthcare entrepreneurship into medical practice and across traditional health professions, to benefit patients and improve quality of care.

ISoH-Tech was founded under the auspices of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and with the support of the 8400 Health Network.


We provide a multifaceted environment for healthcare professionals and industry leaders to gain leadership in Israel's healthtech ecosystem, including a powerful learning platform, a vibrant professional network and a dynamic multidisciplinary setting for engagement and sharing of ideas. Programs include our unique Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship for senior physicians, open symposia, lectures and courses, a healthtech resource portal, and an annual conference for professionals.


Always wanted to get into the world of healthtech? Already working in the industry and seeking an interface with healthcare professionals? Get to know the people engaged in ISoH-Tech - clinicians, scientists and entrepreneurs. This is the place to connect.


Whether you're into medical devices, pharmaceuticals, digital health or public health - we’ve got you covered!


Our Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the first program of its kind worldwide. We invest in an elite group of board-certified physicians, enabling hands-on experience with groundbreaking healthtech companies and mentoring from prominent healthcare and industry leaders.


Enrich your knowledge on the latest in technology implementation in healthcare. Mark your calendar to join networking events, to open doors and to share your ideas.




The 2nd Summit of the Israeli Society for HealthTech

Save the Date to meet the new era of medicine and technology: When Medicine Meets Industry. Take advantage of unique networking opportunities as industry professionals and physicians gather to address challenges and common goals. We will highlight the objectives and aspirations that each holds. And we'll merge ideas on how to strengthen the relationship between all players in the healthcare and healthtech ecosystem.




Innovation Workshop for Physicians

So what’s doing with that idea you’ve been chewing on for a new medical technology? Now is the time to learn how your idea can be transformed into a breakthrough medical startup. Join a unique workshop series *for physicians only*, given by leading entrepreneurs and industry experts!




Health Equity or Equal Health: Perspectives, Challenges and Future Directions

Health Equity or Equal Health? 🔊 Hear leadership perspectives from the Ministry of Health, hospital management and the medical innovation industry in this session of our MEDabrim webinar series.


Our courses address the many aspects of healthcare innovation can be scaled by industry and health organizations. Each course is being uniquely designed for a specific audience and topics range from the ideas behind entrepreneurship, issues of regulation and ethics, how funding works, and much more.

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Your Membership powers innovation in healthcare. ISoH-Tech connects medical and industry experts to advance the integration of innovation and provides an outlet where your voice is heard. Engage with a network of like-minded professionals and gain leadership opportunities to influence the future of healthcare.





The one-year Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship introduces senior physicians to the Israeli healthtech ecosystem, enabling each Fellow to have a positive impact on collaboration between healthcare organizations, academy, and industry. The Fellows’ interdisciplinary training covers regulation, ethics, entrepreneurship, medical device innovation, digital health and biomed, and is followed by hands-on experience in the offices and labs of healthtech companies.
Recognized by the Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA)


Hedva Voliovitch MD, PhD, MBA

Chairperson Expert in Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety for Generic, Branded and products under development (>20 years). A physician, specialist in Internal medicine with a PhD in molecular biology from Weizmann Institute and an MBA in Global Management.

Eli Sprecher, MD, MPP

Cofounder and Treasurer Deputy Director for Research and Development and Chair of the Division of Dermatology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Frederick Reiss Professor of Dermatology at the Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University. Medical consultant for a number of dermatological biotech companies. Co-author of over 300 scientific publications.

Miri Mizrahi Reuveni MD

Cofounder and Secretary Head of the Health Division and Deputy CEO at Maccabi Healthcare Services (MHS). Leading a major organizational digital health transformation at MHS. Board-certified in Family Medicine and Medical Administration. Member of the 8400 Health Network and serving as a board member at a digital health startup.

Noah Liel - Israeli Society for HealthTech

Noah Liel Cohen MD

Cofounder, Program Director and Education Committee Chair Professor emeritus at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University. Previously served as head of the Echocardiography Unit, Cardiology Division, Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva. Cofounder of AI-based startup company Dia Imaging Analysis. A member of the Health Network 8400.

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