Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Israeli Society for HealthTech's Fellowship program is designed to introduce physicians to the Israeli healthtech ecosystem and enable them to take a leading role in bridging health innovation and medical practice.

Applications have been reopened for another week! Register by August 17, 2022.
The second cohort of the Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship will begin on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.


The unique year-long fellowship program begins with two weeks of theoretical studies, covering key topics such as regulatory compliance, entrepreneurship, ethics, and the workings of the medical device, digital health and pharmaceutical industries.

Our fellows then step into healthtech companies for two consecutive five-month periods. They become one of the team for a couple of days each week, gaining exposure to the technological and managerial processes of the organization – learning from these experiences and contributing the experienced physician’s perspective to help channel the company’s efforts.

Throughout the program, each participant is appointed a physician mentor.

Importantly, our fellowship participants continue to work as clinicians in parallel to their participation in the program. Our goal is that they will go on to successfully combine their daily clinical practice with aspects of healthcare technology innovation.

The Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is designed to be instrumental at the national level, promoting the necessary engagement of the Israeli medical community to enable effective adoption and guidance for healthtech innovation.

Our Fellowship program is recognized by the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and its Scientific Council.