{Pronounced "MEDabrim"}

Each season of ISoH-Tech's webinar series presents a new lineup of experts whose careers and passions thrive on the fusion of healthcare, technology and innovation. Watch previous sessions to gain new perspectives on healthtech and medical practice. (Note: Most of the recordings are in Hebrew.)

In this webinar, experts from the biomed industry in Israel discuss the future of pharmaceuticals, challenges in developing drugs, and how AI and machine learning is being applied in the process.

Learn about the future of genetic sequencing; how technology now enables more effective interpretation and use of genetic information; and how genomic medicine can be harnessed for improved use of drugs.

Meet healthcare experts discussing new and innovative applications for familiar technologies in healthcare, with examples in aesthetics, cardiology and pathology.

Introducing ISoH-Tech’s new Fellowship program in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And discussing where the worlds of health and technology meet.