The Israeli Society for HealthTech (ISoH-Tech) is a non-profit organization that was founded under the auspices of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) in July 2020. Our mission is to converge the worlds of medicine, science and the biomed industry; and to bridge the gap between physicians, clinical practice and medical innovation. By doing so, we are closing the gaps between the development, promotion, and clinical adoption of  Israeli biomed technology.

Why your support is important

We proudly developed and launched the first-ever and exceptionally successful HealthTech Fellowship for certified physicians, alongside our “MEDabrim” educational platform for the advancement of high-tech in medical practice.

ISoH-Tech is also establishing unique training programs for medical and industry professionals, and your membership with the organization enables you to influence those actively developing the future of biomed and healthcare with your experience and insights. As a member of ISoH-Tech you can access programs that suit your individual interests, participate and take leadership roles in professional meetings and in our annual summit.

How you benefit

Joining ISoH-Tech places you within a leadership network of biotech professionals and influencers, healthcare innovators and decision makers. It provides access to industry knowledge, key industry players and unique opportunities in healthtech innovation.
Members enjoy discounted rates for the annual summit, workshops and courses throughout the year.

Membership fee: Only 100 ILS 
Membership starts on the day your subscription is accepted and ends on December 31st of the same year.

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Dr. Hedva Voliovitch

Chair, Israeli Society for HealthTech

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