Fellowship in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The Israeli Society for HealthTech's Fellowship program is designed to introduce physicians to the Israeli healthtech ecosystem and enable them to take a leading role in bridging health innovation and medical practice. Ultimately, each fellow graduates with the necessary tools and resources to seek out, adopt and integrate innovation in their practice or organization.

Our Fellowship program is recognized by the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and its Scientific Council.

Mira Abu Salem- sq

Dr. Mira Abu-Salem [2nd Cohort]

Ophthalmologist, Clalit Health Services Participating in this fellowship has given me a toolkit to make impact on a broader scale. I've gained a deep understanding of the relationship between medical and technological progress, emphasizing the need to adapt, innovate, and stay relevant in our rapidly evolving landscape. Encouraged to think creatively and beyond traditional boundaries, we have acquired skills and insights into scaling our influence as physicians, while embracing collaborations that are key to successful ventures. Sharing this journey with 20 equally passionate peers and our inspiring mentors has been an incredible ride that marks only the start of our journey in healthtech. And so, the adventure continues.

Patrick Stafler Pic

Dr. Patrick Stafler [1st Cohort]

Pediatric Pulmonologist, Director of the Bronchoscopy Service, Chief Medical Officer of the Innovation and Tech Partnerships Center, Schneider Children’s Medical CenterI had the privilege of participating in the first cohort of the pioneering Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellowship, which is starting to fundamentally reshape the contours of healthcare innovation in Israel. During the fellowship, we delved deep into the nexus of medical science and technological advancement, emerging with a unique skill set tailored for the digital healthcare frontier. This experience not only enriched my perspective on the vast potential of integrating technology with pediatric care, but also sharpened my proficiency in fostering collaborations, evaluating breakthroughs, and steering impactful healthcare solutions. Owing to the valuable training I received during the fellowship, I was appointed Chief Medical Officer of the budding Schneider Children's Hospital's “Innovation and Tech Partnerships Center”. In this new and exciting role, I am now uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between clinical needs and technological advancements, ensuring our young patients benefit from the very forefront of medical innovation. My journey through the fellowship has instilled in me an unwavering commitment to reimagine healthcare delivery and to bolster Israel's standing as a beacon of HealthTech innovation.

Amir Bar-sq

Dr. Amir Bar [2nd Cohort]

Pediatric critical care medicine (PCCM) physician, Head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Tzafon Medical Center I had the privilege of joining the Israeli Society for HealthTech fellowship - with a group of 20 peers, all senior physicians. We have benefitted from a meticulously crafted curriculum, outstanding lecturers and faculty, and clerkships at various healthtech companies. The impact of the fellowship reaches far beyond understanding the field and the ecosystem; it builds a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration; it provides the confidence to take meaningful steps into the realms of healthtech. My journey at the fellowship began with vague expectations that progressively transformed into clear ideas and plans to pursue in the future.

Maya Gerstein-sq

Dr. Maya Gerstein [1st Cohort]

Head of the Medical Innovation Center, Clalit Dan Petach-Tikva District, Pediatrician and Pediatric Rheumatologist, Researcher The healthtech fellowship has been nothing short of transformative. Since graduating I have established a pioneering community medicine innovation center under the auspices of Clalit Health Services, Israel's largest healthcare organization. Tapping into the fellowship's reservoir of knowledge and tools, I’ve been able to identify critical gaps in the field, leading a unique "bottom-up" approach to innovation. This center empowers healthcare professionals from diverse fields to address their challenges using R&D methodologies. Through collaboration with industry, academic, government and key organizational partners, they are spearheading change. With its trifold foundation - a research team, a development team, and a futuristic 'clinical sandbox' at the "future clinic", the innovation center is not just reshaping patient experiences and employee empowerment within Clalit, but also extending its influence beyond, forging agile collaborations that revitalize the broader healthcare ecosystem. The fellowship is credited not only for academic prowess, but also for the invaluable network and hands-on experience that made my visionary endeavors a reality.


Noah Liel Cohen MD

FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM DIRECTOR Professor emeritus at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University. Previously served as head of the Echocardiography Unit, Cardiology Division, Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva. Cofounder of AI-based startup company Dia Imaging Analysis. A member of the Health Network 8400.

Motti Frimer BSc, ME, EMBA

MEDICAL DEVICES Managing Director of Asensus Surgical Israel, pioneering a new era of medical robotics enabling performance-guided surgery. A seasoned senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in international management and engineering.

Miri Mizrahi Reuveni MD

LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Head of the Health Division and Deputy CEO at Maccabi Healthcare Services (MHS). Leading a major organizational digital health transformation at MHS. Board-certified in Family Medicine and Medical Administration. Member of the 8400 Health Network and serving as a board member at a digital health startup.

Michal Rosen-Zvi PhD

DIGITAL HEALTH Director of Health Informatics at IBM Research. Formerly Visiting Professor at the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Aviv Shoher

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Managing Partner at IMed Capital - a healthtech venture capital firm focused on early-stage digital health startups. Has served as CEO and founder of five startup companies in Israel and the US, in addition to scouting out new technologies on behalf of RAD and UIC, and serving as Director of Business Development at Captek and Yissum.

Dan Shwarzman

INDUSTRY COLLABORATION AND ROTATIONS CEO of MindUP, a Digital Health Incubator. A leader in the global healthcare technology industry, with experience spanning Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. to Israeli startups.

Adva Tzuk Onn MD

INDUSTRY COLLABORATION AND ROTATIONS Chief Medical Director at FeelBetter, an Israeli startup that has developed a real-time precision solution that identifies patients at high risk. Board-certified in geriatric and family medicine.

Hedva Voliovitch MD, PhD, MBA

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Expert in Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety for Generic, Branded and products under development (>20 years). A physician, specialist in Internal medicine with a PhD in molecular biology from Weizmann Institute and an MBA in Global Management.